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Tom & Jerry In New York (Season 1) English Episodes [720p]


When Jerry moves into a swanky New York hotel, an exasperated event planner must recruit Tom to hunt down the mouse once and for all before a crucial wedding takes place.

Movie Info

📰 Title : Tom & Jerry in New York
🍂 Season : 01
📺 Type : TVSeries (2021)
📆 Release Year : 2021
⏰ Runtime : ~7 min
🌐 Network : HBO MAX
🎭 Genres : Animation, Chase, Comedy
🏢 Companies : WB Family Entertainment
📚 Content Rating : U/A 7+
✨ IMDb Rating : 9.0/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt14833766
🍀 Quality : 720p | HEVC
🎧 Audio : English [Org. HBO Audio] 🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 1 - Put A Ring On It / Come Fly with Me / Bubble Gum Crisis / Mousequerade

The duo invades a department store after hours in pursuit of a hefty bag of treats. Later, they try their hands at watching a baby panda as Jerry makes a new friend.
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Episode 2 - Museum Peace / Here Kite-y Kite-y / Street Wise Guys / Chameleon Story

Jerry helps an elephant escape from the museum. Hi-flying hijinks ensue when Tom and Jerry take kites to the park and disrupt street performers throughout the city. A pet chameleon disappears after breaking free at the hotel.
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Episode 3 - Telepathic Tabby / Shoe-In / It's a Gift / Stormin' the Doorman

In an attempt to trick Tom out of food, Butch predicts the future. Jerry helps save a shoe repair shop. Tom is on a mission to keep Jerry away from the gift shop snack aisle and avoid the hotel’s energetic new doorman.
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Episode 4 - The Great Donut Robbery / Torpedon't / Billboard Jumble / Horticulture Clash

Tom and Jerry mistake burglars’ loot for a bag of donuts. Tom chases Jerry through a series of surreal billboards, Spike goes overboard trying to make up for manhandling Tom, and aquatic mayhem ensues at the park.
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Episode 5 - Room Service Robots / Coney Island Adventure / Scents and Sensibility / Wrecking Ball

A troop of robot bellhops cause trouble. After Jerry spritzes him with a fetching perfume, Tom becomes canine catnip. Nightmares come true at a seaside amusement park after dark. Tom chases Jerry into a building marked for demolition.
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Episode 6 - Cat Hair / Shhh! / Torched Song / Quacker's Lucky Penny

“A hotel VIP wants Tom groomed before babysitting her prized pet. Tom’s “good luck” penny proves no match for a noisy cat and mouse on the loose in the library and park. Jerry helps Tom rival Butch in a snazzy musical fantasy.”
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Episode 7 - Ready Teddy / Swiss Cuckoo / Dream Team / Private Tom

Spike’s teddy bear is accidentally ruined while the hotel manager is on vacation. Tom dreams of a basketball championship assisted by Jerry, but his military uncle is determined to help him permanently defeat Jerry instead
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Season 1 Completed

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