My Dress-Up Darling (Season 1) Multi Audio (Hindi-Eng-Jap) Episodes [1080p, 720p & 480p]


Wakana Gojo is a high school boy who wants to become a kashirashi–a master craftsman who makes traditional Japanese Hina dolls. Though he’s gung-ho about the craft, he knows nothing about the latest trends, and has a hard time fitting in with his class. The popular kids–especially one girl, Marin Kitagawa–seem like they live in a completely different world. That all changes one day, when she shares an unexpected secret with him, and their completely different worlds collide.

Series Info

πŸ“° Title : My Dress-Up Darling
πŸ‚ Season : 1
πŸ“Ί Type : TVSeries (2012)
πŸ“† Release Date : Jan 9, 2022
⏰ Runtime : ~23 min
🌐 Network : Crunchyroll
🎭 Genres : Romance, Slice of Life
🏒 Companies : CloverWorks
πŸ“š Content Rating : TV-14
✨ IMDb Rating : 8.1/10.0
πŸ†” IMDb ID : tt15765670
πŸ€ Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – English – Japanese
πŸ’¬ Subtitles : English
πŸ’³ Credits : HeniL
πŸ–₯️ Screenshots: Click Here

Crunchyroll has started releasing animes in Hindi Dubs and also has reduced their monthly plan to Rs 79/month. If you can support them, please do it. Currently, they are releasing 1 episode per week.


Episode 1 - Someone Who Lives in the Exact Opposite World as Me!

Wakana Gojo is a high school student who dreams of becoming a kashirashi for hina dolls one day. Because his life is all about making hina dolls, he has a hard time fitting into his class because his interests are so different than anyone else’s.
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Episode 2 - Wanna Hurry Up, and Do It?

After seeing how passionate Marin is about the things she loves, Wakana decides to help her with making outfits. He decides to help her out in making a cosplay for Shizuku Kuroe-tan from the game “Slippery Girls 2.” They had planned to reconvene later to get the measurements started, but Marin couldn’t wait and ends up coming to Wakana’s house over the weekend.
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