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Dora The Explorer (Season 1) Hindi Episodes [1080p]


Dora, a seven-year-old girl of Latin American descent, embarks upon numerous adventures in the wilderness with her friend Boots, a monkey, and a variety of fun and useful tools.

Movie Info

📰 Title : Dora the Explorer
🍂 Season : 01
📺 Type : TVSeries (2000)
📆 Release Date : 14 August 2000
⏰ Runtime : ~30 min
🌐 Network : Nick Junior
🎭 Genres : Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical
🏢 Companies : Nickelodeon Studios
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y
✨ IMDb Rating : 4.1/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt0235917
🍀 Quality : 1080p
🎧 Audio : Hindi [Org. AMZN Audio]
💳 Credits : Telly
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 1 - The Big Red Chicken

Dora and Boots, following Maps directions, traverse two obstacles, a wooden bridge (broken, but fixed by Dora with Señor Tucán’s help) and a wooden gate (locked, but opened by Dora with the recovered four-pointed key), to get to the Big Red Hill to meet the Big Red Chicken.

Episode 2 - Lost and Found

Whilst playing hide-and-seek, Dora and Boots find Baby Blue Bird, a Spanish-speaking bluebird chick, who had fallen out of her nest, located in a little blue tree, and had become lost.

Episode 3 - Hic-Boom-Ohhh

Dora and Boots follow the directions of Map to investigate the source of a mysterious sound (“Hic, Boom, Ohhh!”) coming from Yellow Valley, that they heard whilst playing a game of “Loud and Quiet”.

Episode 4 - Beaches

Dora gives Boots a swim ring floaty, after they decide to go swimming at the beach.

Episode 5 - Ice Cream

Dora and Boots just miss getting an ice cream from the ice cream truck (operated by Val the Octopus).

Episode 6 - Choo Choo

Dora and Boots visit a train station to see the trains (green, red, and blue) and encourage them to blow their whistles, discovering that the smaller blue train (Azul) doesn’t have one.

Episode 7 - Treasure Island

Dora and Boots learn about a buried treasure chest, accessible with a blue key, from Pirate Parrot, who they locate during a game of “I spy”.

Episode 8 - Three Little Piggies

Dora and Boots visit a pig pen to award each of the three pig occupants a blue ribbon (from Backpack) for being good.

Episode 9 - Big River

Boots starts singing and dancing about his red boots, after Dora caught a pair of older boots whilst fishing in the river.

Episode 10 - Berry Hunt

After Dora eats the five blue berries that her mother packed for her, Dora and Boots go hunting for more at Blueberry Hill.

Episode 11 - Wizzle Wishes

Dora reads Boots a story (“The Wizzle and the Four Wishes”) from a book about wishes (yellow with a star emblem) from Backpack.

Episode 12 - Grandma's House

Dora’s mother (Mami) gives Dora a basket of treats (cookies, mangos, some rice pudding, and a picture that Dora had drawn of boots and herself.) to give to Dora’s grandmother (Abuela), to make Abuela feel better whilst she is recovering from a cold.

Episode 13 - Surprise

Following Maps’ directions, Dora and Boots journey back to Dora’s house for Boots’ birthday party, with a cake obtained from Backpack (a banana cake with banana icing and an image of Boots’ face on top, in a square yellow cake box).

Episode 14 - Sticky Tape

Upon witnessing Benny’s distress, at a hole in his hot-air balloon that is causing it to descend towards Crocodile Lake, Dora obtains some stick tape from Backpack and, with Boots, she heads to the lake, following Map’s directions.

Episode 15 - Bouncing Ball

Boots buys a new ball at the toy store with Dora.

Episode 16 - Backpack

Dora tells the viewers a story about how she first got her own purple Backpack and how she and Boots returned 8 books to the library before it closes.

Episode 17 - Bugga Bugga

Dora and Boots help Mami Bugga Bugga get home to the Big Blue Bush with a cookie to feed her 10 Bugga Bugga babies.

Episode 18 - Fish Out of Water

Dora and Boots help a lost Baby Red Fish get out of a tide pool and return him home to his family down in the ocean, at Red Rock.

Episode 19 - Little Star

Dora and Boots must bring Little Star back home in the night sky with the moon, above the Tall Mountain, after a runaway comet accidentally knocks her out.

Episode 20 - Dora Saves the Prince

Dora and Boots jump into a storybook to save Prince Ramon, who’s imprisoned in the High Tower by a wicked witch, who doesn’t allow toys on her own property.

Episode 21 - El Coquí

Dora and Boots find a lost coquí frog, who isn’t able to sing until he’s at his island home.

Episode 22 - The Chocolate Tree

Dora and Boots try to find the Chocolate Tree and a special gift for Abuela.

Episode 23 - To The Treehouse

Dora and Boots help their friends get to the treehouse for a big thank-you party.

Episode 24 - Te Amo

An evil magician named El Mago has turned the royal couple, King Popo and Queen Maria into mountains.

Episode 25 - Pablo's Flute

Dora and Boots set off to Pablo’s mountain to return a colorful flute to Pablo, himself, and reverse a devastating drought on his grandpa’s farm.

Episode 26 - Call Me Mr. Riddles

Boots is confident he can solve the silliest riddle when he and Dora are chosen to complete in a riddle contest at the Tallest Mountain.
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